Peter Tieszen

Senior Manager




Insurance Licensed



"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time" - Zig Ziglar

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About Me

I grew up on a grain and sheep farm north of Saskatoon. It did not take long after starting a career in the field of mechanical engineering technology to realize that there was not much hope for "climbing the corporate ladder". It also became apparent that, in the words of a former colleague, "if you enjoy getting laid off, become an engineer!"

In 2011 I was introduced to the financial industry. I saw the opportunity to actually get paid for my efforts and be rewarded for improving / growing myself as a person. It has also been incredibly rewarding to see both the financial and educational value I have had the privilege of adding to many families' financial futures.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my wife and son; pulling out the unicycles or mountain bike; or travelling to visit friends & family.

Why work with me?

Simply put, my dad jokes were to roll your eyes for, even before I was a dad. Enough said.