Dan Thibodeau

Senior Financial Associate




Insurance Licensed



"What the mind of a person can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, the mind of a person can ACHEIVE with a positive mental attitude." -W. Clement Stone

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About Me

In 2006 I made the decision to move back to Calgary from Ottawa and start building a life of my own. In 2010 I met my beautiful wife and now we are raising two children together. We were frustrated with the industry telling us what we could or could not do with no explanations as to why. All we wanted was to be talked to as humans and not just account numbers.

Finally in 2017 we were introduced to Ryan Tongs by some family members who did exactly that. He asked us about what we valued and wanted for our family and then gave us the education that we were looking for. By showing us strategies on how we could accelerate what we were doing based on how we lived our values he showed us that we weren't alone in the feeling we had with the rest of the industry.

I then made the decision that I wanted to be an advocate in the industry for the people that I care about the most and build relationships with people who feel the same as I did!

Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there!